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Journey to your sensuality

Exklusive 1:1 Program

 Step into your own power of embodied sensuality, to deeply explore and experience its diversity, and to embrace the pleasure of life through this connection 

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To live our lives self-empowered, courageously, authentically and happily is probably a deep desire for all of us. This path itself is an exciting and intense experience that, again and again, leads us to new aspects of our existence that we did not know before. 

In short: It is a colorful path, full of ups and downs, tears and laughter. It is a path that allows us to feel the essence of life. 

Connecting intensely in our lives with the superpower of our own sensuality, eroticism and creative primal essence makes this path an even more enjoyable, ecstatic and magical space that fills our existence with purpose. 


We all have the right to explore and experience our sensuality without shame in its complexity, to play and experiment with our sexiness, love and wildness, to let orgasms and ecstasy dance through every cell of our bodies, embodying the brave, uncensored and authentic Goddess that rests and breathes within us all. 

Can you hear her call? Can you feel her longing? 

If you feel the deep desire within you to re-experience and explore your sensuality layer by layer and want to experience your life with your feminine, diverse and creative superpower with your whole body temple, the Journey to your sensuality is your opportunity to dive deep with me. 


 I am offering a few spots each month for this personal journey where I will guide you for 8 weeks. 


We meet weekly by appointment and time availability in Augsburg and/or online via Zoom, may vary) for a personal 75-minute session. In our session we cover weekly and upcoming topics in conversation and practice. You will also receive a printed workbook (over 60 pages) designed by me as a guide and inspiration for your journey.

The Practice:

 I support you with tools from the fields of Yoga and Tantra: 

Creative Bodywork (Embodied Sensual Yoga, Intuitive Movement/Dancing, energetic Bodywork...), meditation, relaxation techniques, talks and reflection, journaling and pranayama/breathwork. 

Diverse, just like you. Your sessions come out of a symbiosis of it.

Themes: Topics can be modified according to needs and intentions.

Week 1: The basis. Own energy. Home. Own needs. 

Week 2: Defining one's sensuality. Fears and desires. Shame. Energetic flow. Flow.

Week 3: Empowerment, manifestation, courage. Sensuality & sexuality in connection with masculine energy. Sexual Alchemy. 

Week 4: Emotions and Feeling, Giving and Taking, Surrender, The Frequency of Love, Connection and Trust.

Week 5: Diversity. Creativity and play. Space and subtlety. Embodying your own truths.

Week 6: Intuition in life, Intensifying sexual alchemy, Duality, Balance.

Week 7: Integrity, everyday life and sensuality. Visions and dreams.

Week 8: Living and embodying sensuality and beauty. Routines, own rhythm. Blessing.

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  You get:

  • Exclusive 8-week coaching via weekly sessions (in person or online - may vary)

  • 1 printed workbook (over 60 pages) with lots of details, exercises and inspirations

  • A foundation and many helpful tools to invite and live your sensuality to its fullest potential in every aspect of your life, and to integrate it into your lifestyle for the future.

  • Access to the exclusive online platform with audios and sessions.

  • Full Power Support from me. I support you with heart and commitment. 




Payment in rates possible - 2x 600€​

This is your path? 

In a cost-free and noncommittal conversation we discuss all questions, get to know each other and check whether working together is harmonious for both of us. 

If we both feel a YES, the journey will start from here...

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